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ADI and Herman Offer Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

Herman Integration Services, a division of ADI, is the commercial AV industry’s largest AV labor subcontractor. As an ADI customer, you now have more than 100 full-time technicians at your disposal ready to work on any AV installation to help your business grow using our experienced AV professional technicians. Now, you can say “Yes” to more AV business.

The following services are available to you when you become a Herman customer:

Installation Services

Turnkey Project Solution – Our technical team provides engineering, programming, and functional and elevation drawings; while our team of experienced technicians, provide project coordination and onsite installation for a comprehensive solution.

Project Installation – Lead AV technicians and installers completely install your AV system.

AV Installers – Our AV installers provide support to your onsite lead technician.

Service/Maintenance – Our service technician performs trouble shooting, corrects issues, and/or advises on necessary solutions.


Turnkey Engineering – Our AV technician completes a site survey at the project location that includes needs-analysis, room dimensions, room characteristics, and budget analysis. Deliverable: Site report from engineer

Pre-Sales Engineering – Engineer takes existing information or a site survey and develops a solution, based on budget room setup, and project needs.

Post-Sales Engineering – Engineer refines and validates solution based on provided scope of work and bill of materials. Deliverable: Final scope of work and complete bill of materials including miscellaneous materials


Full Package - CAD designer provides functional line drawings, room layout, wall and ceiling layout based on hand sketch, site survey, and bill of materials.

Functional Drawings – Designer provides CAD and PDF drawing based on hand sketch and bill of materials.

Elevations – Wall layout of equipment (displays, screens, cameras, power and data outlets) provided based on room dimensions and bill of materials.

Custom Packages – Functional drawings, room/floor/building layout, ceiling layout, conduit riser, power and data requirements, heat loads, cable pull lists, and line of site views provided.


Control System Programming – Our programmers provide complete control system program including touch panels, keypads, and source code.

Audio System Programming – Complete audio system program provided including microphone audio, program audio, teleconferencing, video conferencing, audio, and local sound reinforcement.

Achieve more by leveraging the flexibility and benefits of AV subcontracting to help grow your business.

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